Custom Development

Trust the experts when it comes to Java & web application development.

Sinapsi is offering custom web applications since 1996 and, since 1998, we are proposing also customized Java development. Our clients include prominent names in the media, pharmaceutical, banking industries and many more.

Sinapsi’s approach

Our applications range from complex process and document management workflow, internet banking and e-commerce to system integrations, both for intranet and Internet.

We know the whole technology stak that can be needed in the development of a custom application:

  • Database: we have experience working with most relational databases (Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server and so on) as well as nonSQL ones
  • Java: we use the top of the line libraries, frameworks and tools to make our applications at par with the best in the industry. We currently use JQuery, spring MVC, spring and hibernate
  • Middleware: MQ, ESB (Mule), ETL
  • Front end: HTML, CSS, JS, Jquery, Motools
  • Social connect: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

We not only care about the technology, but also about software quality, robustness and maintainability. We follow TDD (Test Drive Develop) process and Continuos Integration to enforce our code stability at any give time. To ensure to be up-to-date with all the best practices, we use:

  • Maven as build/release engine
  • Hudson as Continuos Integration server
  • Sonar as source code quality monitoring
  • TestNG as unit tester

We are aware that a good software, that reflects our clients real needs, has to be supported with a continuos interaction with the customer and a well-defined process. That is why we adopt a process lifecycle that covers all the main aspects of development, from requirement gathering to maintenance. We also try to involve, as much as we can, our clients in the development and maintenance process through methods such as AGILE or through bug tracking and confluence tools.