Mule ESB

Integrate your systems with Mule ESB: the world's leading ESB!

Sinapsi is your one source destination for all Mule ESB projects. We offer customized solutions and complete support to all our clients. However, before you consider deploying ESB for your system, understanding a little about Mule ESB would be a wise step.

What is Mule ESB?

Mule ESB is a Java-based, lightweight enterprise service bus (EBS). It is an integration platform, allowing developers to easily and quickly connect their applications. With a strong integration platform, exchanging data becomes easy and seamless. With Mule ESB, organizations can enjoy easy integration of their existing systems, even if the applications use different technologies such as JMS, Web Services, JDBC, HTTP or any other.

Is ESB right for your organization?

Although Mule ESB presents several exceptional benefits to organizations, these benefits can only be realized if deployed under the right circumstances. The checklist below gives you an idea on the possibility to deploy an ESB system: if you answer “YES” to three or more questions, Mule could be the right solution. If you want a better idea on when ESB should be selected, read the article by MuleSoft founder and CTO Ross Mason To ESB or not to ESB.

  1. Are you integrating more than 3 applications or services?
  2. Do you plan to plug in more applications in the future?
  3. Is it important for your organization to use multiple communication protocols?
  4. Do you require message routing capabilities like aggregating and forking message flows and content based routing?
  5. Do you need to publish services for consumption by other applications?