Magnolia CMS

Searching for CMS that would be easy to use, scalable, flexible, enterprise ready as well as Java based so your IT would love it? Magnolia CMS is the answer!

Sinapsi has exceptional experience working with complex projects featuring Magnolia CMS. Our expertise in the niche will ensure that your Magnolia site will work exactly the way you envisioned it! Magnolia is loved by many governments and organizations all over the world, including ING,, the US Department of Defense, the U.S. Navy, Unilever, Sony and many others, for its ease of use.

What is Magnolia CMS?

Magnolia is an open source content management system which delivers exceptional simplicity on an enterprise level, combining user-friendly usage with a standards-based and flexible Java architecture. Magnolia CMS is not a framework to build web applications, however can be used to manage data. You can for instance manage products and use them as content for Web pages. Some of its main feature are:

  • Best practice templating kit
  • Enterprise Multi-Site Support
  • Sprint Framefork integration
  • Mobile Content Management
  • Multi-Language Content Management
  • Content Translation
  • Multi-step Forms
  • Compare Page Versions
  • Deletion Approval and Undo

You can learn more about Magnolia CMS looking at its feature in details at Magnolia CMS web site

Advantages of Magnolia CMS

The benefits that Magnolia CMS offers can be measured from the fact that it is today used by Fortune 500 companies and governments in more than a 100 countries in every continent!
You will like it because:

  1. Editing and publishing content is fast and easy

    Authors no longer need to switch between different navigation mechanisms to make a small change, but they can instantly edit any page in their browser.

  2. You can design your site the way you want it

    Magnolia’s inline-editing feature ensures that editors see content paragraphs in their right context at all times, reducing the switching between working modes.

  3. Magnolia is built to scale and optimized to perform

    Magnolia has been designed for heavy-load enterprise websites, having a low memory footprint, a smart cache, built-in clustering capabilities, a distributed deployment architecture that decouples authoring from publishing and the possibility to build load-balanced public servers to provide more throughput and availability.

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