Facebook Apps

Apps that can get the attention of your target audience, quick and easy!

Sinapsi has an height interest in social media marketing and social network potentials. We offer a full range of services that will ensure that your efforts on Facebook will reap huge benefits.

Why bet on Facebook?

Every organization today is eager to reap the benefits of social media marketing and when it comes to social networks, there is no other network as effective as Facebook! Organizations follow multiple approaches, hoping that their content on Facebook would go viral, each one has its pros&cons.
The winning approach, carried out through Applications, requires less effort giving more results in costumer satisfaction and engagement.

Facebook applications are a new way to interact with the customers in an indirect manner. Through Facebook applications, you can both sustain and develop customer relationships. The apps act as a mean of engaging customers to the fullest while increasing brand awareness and loyalty, because they make your costumer your friends. On the other way, with apps and passing the word, you can generate traffic and create awareness among non-customers. You can effectively achieve viral marketing objectives through Facebook applications.
Sinapsi has teamed up with Hagakure, an internet P.R. Agency, for delivering engaging Facebook Apps.